Getting Married on Sanibel Island

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There's no question that Sanibel Island is one of the most romantic places in Florida to get married. You can walk down the aisle under the palms in bare feet if you want to, then say your vows with the gentle sounds of the Gulf of Mexico in the background.

Not that you can't do that on other islands as well, but there is just something different about Sanibel. It has a mystique of it's own. And it is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Sanibel beach wedding

You can use the services of a local wedding planner, or cobble together your own budget wedding package like we did. We got married right out on the beach in front of our condo at Ocean's Reach, just the two of us, then went next door to the Thistle Lodge at Casa Ybel Resort for dinner. You can also have a formal church wedding or any other kind of wedding you can imagine.

We made all of our wedding arrangements over the internet, including:

After the wedding ceremony we had another nine days to relax and honeymoon on the island, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Sanibel beach wedding ceremony

Tip: I strongly suggest that you make alternate arrangements for the ceremony in case of bad weather or in case the biting insects are too bad. At sunrise and at sunset during warm, calm weather the no-see-ums can be pretty ferocious. A nice breeze will keep them away, but calm conditions can be favorable for the bugs. Bug repellent doesn't help much.

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