Best Florida Beaches for Watching Sunsets

Question: We want to see beautiful sunsets at the beach. What are the best beaches for watching the sunset?

Answer: The sun rises in the east, so Atlantic Ocean beaches are best for watching the sun rise over the ocean. Since the sun sets in the west, Florida's Gulf coast beaches are best for watching the sun set.

Any beach that faces west is a good beach to watch the sunset. This means that most any beach on Florida's Gulf coast from Tarpon Springs to Key West is a great beach for watching beautiful sunsets. Southern facing beaches can also offer a nice sunset, but you have to face up the beach to look west. So the sun appears to be setting down the beach instead of directly off the beach. A minor detail, but important to some.

Popular spots for sunset watching are piers and jetties such as:

Pier 60, Clearwater Beach

Pass-a-grille beach has a sunset bell-ringing ceremony most nights.

Venice jetties

Naples Pier

If you prefer to have a quiet sunset experience, any quiet Gulf beach will do.

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