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Man-of-War Jellyfish Photos & Video Clip

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The Portuguese Man-of-War is common on the Atlantic coast of Florida during periods of strong easterly winds. Spring and early summer often bring them ashore. The photos and video on this page were sent to me by Andrea Butterbaugh, who filmed them at Bathtub Reef Park on Hutchinson Island, near Stuart, Florida. The video clip below is great because it shows the man-of-war floating in the water with the purple tentacles trailing behind and underneath, so you know what too look out for. The photos were taken as the man-of-war slowly washed up onto the beach. This jellyfish is quite dangerous and can ruin your vacation. Keep your distance. Even the dead ones on the beach can still give you a very bad sting. I would like to thank Andrea for sharing this video and these excellent photos with us. This is a beautiful jellyfish. Look, but don't touch! Note: I have published this video and these photos with permission. All photos and video on this page are copyright protected. Copyright 2008 Andrea Butterbaugh.


 Man-of-war jellyfish

Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish float

Above: This appears to be a Mushroom Cap Jelly, on Bob Graham Beach.

Above: A seagull eats a By-the-wind sailor.