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Many or all of the jellyfish photos on this page were contributed to BeachHunter by visitors to this site. Now that so many people have digital cameras, they take photos of everything while on their beach vacation. This has been a huge help for me in creating these pages on jellyfish. If you have photos of jellyfish that are not yet pictured this site, please send them to me and I'll put them up and give you credit for the photo. I am not a jellyfish identification expert, so some of the jellyfish appearing on this site are not yet identified. If you can identify them, please send  an email to me at   beachhunter[at]  with whatever information you have, and who you are and/or how you made the identification and how you would like to be credited or linked to. Thanks to all for sending photos!

You can click on some of the photos below to enlarge them. If the photo does not appear much larger after clicking, then  press the F11 key on your keyboard.  Press it again to return to normal screen view.



Above: this is an unidentified jellyfish. Photo taken by Jim & Mary Midthun of
Ham Lake, Minnesota. Taken on St. Augustine Beach, March 2007. The size is
about 2 inches on the long diameter. This jelly has an
interesting pattern of pigmented cells that coalesce toward the center.



Above photo taken by Jim & Mary Midthun of
Ham Lake, Minnesota. Taken on St. Augustine Beach, March 2007. The size is
about 1 inch or a bit more in diameter. Click photo to enlarge. This appears to be a
mesoglea that has washed ashore. The surf pounds away all the jelly's tentacles
and just leaves a clear blob like this to be found by curious beachcombers. It is a
portion of the remains of a jellyfish.


Purple Jellyfish ( Pelagia noctiluca )

Above photo sent in by M. Crowther. Photo taken on Miramar Beach, FL (near Destin). I have tentatively identified this as a Purple Jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca). It does have stinging tentacles.


Above is a photo of two jellies. The one on the left appears to me to be a "sea nettle." one on the right appears to be a Purple Jellyfish. Photo sent in by M.Crowther. Photo taken on MiraMar Beach, FL.

Above: Another photo from  Miramar Beach, FL by M. Crowther. Assorted jellies. Blue button at the top.