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Siesta Key is located west of Sarasota and is largely a residential island, although it does have its share of tall condominiums and small commercial districts.  There is plenty of money on Siesta Key, but there is not generally the ostentatious display of it nor the air of exclusivity found on Longboat Key. But you won't necessarily get that "just folks" feeling that you experience on Anna Maria Island.

Having fun on Siesta Key Public Beach, Sarasota, Florida.

Siesta is really a happy mix of everything. The beaches are extraordinarily beautiful, so of course they draw a large crowd. So get here before 10:30 am on the weekend or you can just about forget finding a place to park, even at the public beach parking lot. Parking on residential streets is not allowed.

If you are staying on Siesta Key, you are in for a wonderful vacation with lots to do and see. If you are trying to decide where on the island to stay, check out my new section on Siesta Key Beachfront Vacation Rentals. Not only is there plenty to do on the island, but you are only a few minutes drive from all the cultural, shopping, and culinary attractions of Sarasota.

Siesta Key Beach vacation rentals on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota, Florida.

North of Siesta Key Public Beach you'll find some outstanding beachfront properties for rent on a very wide and fairly quiet beach (above). This area of the beach is also a popular nesting area for shorebirds in the spring and early summer. You can see the roped off area at the edge of the dunes. Beachgoers are encouraged to respect the nesting birds' need for space and to avoid getting too close.

If you'd like to look at some specific properties, there are plenty of websites that offer Siesta Key rentals for you to browse. My pages about Siesta Key will help you become familiar with the island and will help you decide which part of the island is best for you, so you can make a more informed decision once you start looking at island rental properties.

Note: I do not own properties and do not offer rentals myself.

Live Beach Web Camera - Sarasota Surf & Racquet Club on Siesta Key just south of the public beach. EXCELLENT beach cam. Be patient, even with cable this cam takes 20 seconds or so to load the picture on your browser.

Beach Report by Sarasota Lifeguards - this innovative site is updated twice daily by the lifeguards on Sarasota's beaches. Find out the water and wind conditions, and find out if red tide is affecting the beach today. Some locations even post daily pictures from the beach.

Siesta Key Beachfront Vacation Rentals - my information pages on the various areas of the island and what each area has to offer so you can decide where to stay.

Clear calm Gulf waters on Siesta Key, Florida.

Siesta Key is known for its flat beach and shallow, calm, clear waters. Not a lot of shells (above). It's great for children and older folks who may have trouble walking on uneven ground. The water stays shallow a long way from shore.

People enjoying Siesta Key Public Beach, Florida.

Siesta Key Public Beach weekend crowd. Siesta Key Beach was chosen as the best beach in the nation in 2011 by Dr. Beach (Dr. Stephen Leatherman). Even so, plans for a major renovation of beachfront facilities are currently in the works to increase parking and accessibility.

Riding bikes on Siesta Key beach, Sarasota, Florida.

Near the water, the beach is packed hard enough to ride bikes on Siesta Beach. You can ride from Point-of-Rocks to north of the Public Access. South of Point-of-Rocks the beach sand is too soft to ride a bike.

Picnic tables at Siesta Key Public Beach.

Siesta Key Beach has plenty of picnic tables; Some of them are covered or shaded.

Beach pavilion at Siesta Key Public Beach.

The public beach pavilion has restrooms and changing areas, a snack bar and tables to eat on.

Pure white quartz sand at Siesta Key Public Beach, Sarasota, FL.

Pure white quartz sand on Siesta Key Public Beach.

Gulf of Mexico at Turtle Beach on southern Siesta Key.

Turtle Beach, on southern Siesta Key, has a smaller crowd, darker sand, and the water gets deeper faster than on the beaches north of Point-of-Rocks. It has restrooms and a picnic area, but no lifeguard.

Point-of-Rocks beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

The beach at Point-of-Rocks. These flat, smooth limestone rocks are great for exploring and create an excellent snorkeling spot at high tide. It's a good fishing spot too. This beach is a little difficult to get to as there is no nearby public access (hint: that means it doesn't get crowded). On the horizon in the distance you can see northern Siesta Key.

Crowd on Siesta Key Public Beach, Sarasota, FL.

Can Siesta Key Beach get crowded? You bet. On a nice beach weekend, as many as 30,000 people can come and go at the public beach access. But most of them congregate close to the main pavilion. You can almost always find a quiet spot if that's what you prefer.

Lifeguards on Siesta Key Public Beach.

Siesta Beach has excellent lifeguard coverage and beach patrol presence (law enforcement).

Siesta Key beach, Sarasota, Florida.

Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida.

Above video and below photo: Siesta Beach Drum Circle.

Siesta Key Drum Circle, Sarasota, Florida

Every Sunday afternoon and evening, a large drum circle assembles on Siesta Key Public Beach. Dancers, musicians and onlookers gather for the entertainment. You can hear the drumming a long way down the beach. It's quite a spectacle.

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