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Above is part 1 of one of my trips to Point of Rocks showing how to find the parking spot and some nice views of the beach, and a dolphin fishing for lunch. Click on the video control "play" button to watch. The play button is the middle of the three buttons on the lower left of the video. It is a triangle shape.

Above is part 2 of the trip to Point of Rocks showing views of snorkelers among the rocks and a good overall view of the beach and water. Point-of-Rocks is, as far as I know, the best beach snorkeling available on the peninsular Gulf coast of Florida.  The rocks have lots of ledges and crevices and you will see a wider variety of fish and other marine life here than in any other easily accessible location. You don't need a boat to snorkel here. Just take your snorkeling gear down to the water and wade right out to the rocks. If you don't snorkel, you can come here on a really low tide and explore the rocks.

The main issue here is water clarity. Some years it is very clear, some not so clear. The best time, in my opinion, to snorkel here would be in April / May / early June. You might need a "shorty" wetsuit in April unless you are accustomed to swimming in cool water. In April the water temps would be between 70 and 76 degrees F. By May the temp usually climbs to 78 - 80 degrees, and by June the water is usually 82 - 85.

Most of the rocks are in water from 0 to 5 feet deep.

There are no restroom facilities at Point-of-Rocks, and no food or water on the beach. There is however plenty to eat and drink on Midnight Pass Road, just a 10 or 15 minute walk away (that's a long way on a really hot summer day). So be sure to bring your cold drinks down to the beach, and some snacks too. If you are staying in a condo or other rental nearby, you've got that covered already.

Seawall at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida.

One way to get to the rocks is to walk along this seawall to where the concrete steps lead down to the beach (pictured below).

Concrete steps on seawall at Point-of-Rocks beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

The concrete steps at the end of the seawall lead down to the beach side at Point-of-Rocks. Unfortunately the steps drop you off in shallow water, not on the beach, so this only works during calm water.

Point-of-Rocks beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

Point-of-Rocks beach is narrow and rocky with piles of sharp, broken shells on the beach. Bring sturdy footgear. In the distance you can see Turtle Beach and Casey Key.

Great snorkeling area at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

This is prime snorkeling territory.

Flat limestone rocks on Siesta Key, Florida.

Here's a great view of the flat rocks, looking south toward Turtle Beach.

Point-of-Rocks beach shells.

Point-of-Rocks beach doesn't have much in the way of soft sand. The beach is mostly broken shell.

Limpets, snails and barnacles on the algae-covered  rocks at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

Limpets, snails and barnacles on algae-covered rocks at Point-of-Rocks.

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