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Latest free update 5/16/2012. Extensively updated and revised.

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How to Be Safe From Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays, Rip Currents
and other Scary Things on Florida Beaches and Coastal Waters.

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I am happy to say that this book has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people so far.
That's 10,000 people that are safer now than they were before!

One day I opened my email to find this unsolicited testimonial as to the value of the book:

 Wow!  What a great publication!  I am the Director of Safety for a Florida Air National Guard organization at Tyndall AFB (Panama City).  This is without a doubt the most comprehensive and complete publication on safety & awareness on our beaches that I have ever laid eyes on!  I have already shared its existence with fellow occupational safety and public safety professionals for their review.

Thank you for your time and effort in assembling this!  We need more information like this available to our visitors and residents.

Scott R. Baker, MSgt, Florida Air National Guard
Chief, Safety

Table of Contents:

Awareness, Not Fear
Shark bites: Fatal and Non-Fatal
Shark bites: Considering the Risk
Reducing Your Chance of Being Bitten by a Shark
Where in Florida Do Most Shark Bites Occur?
Can You Fight Off A Shark?
Rip Currents
Other Strong Water Currents
High Surf
Types of Surf
Boats and Personal Watercraft
Other Rays
Sea Lice
Alligators and Salt-water Crocodiles
Nile Monitor Lizards
Other Things that Bite, Pinch or Stab
Spiny Fish
Red TIde
Water Quality and Harmful Bacteria
The Sun
Holes on the Beach
Fish / Shellfish Poisoning
Fish Poisoning (Ciguatera)
Crime and Personal Safety



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Download Free Now!

or buy the most recent version on Amazon's Kindle for $3.99

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Florida Beach Survival Guide e-book cover

Every year, starting in June, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet are flooded with stories, articles, and video about sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and so on. Many people come to every day looking for the facts. They are coming to Florida, and they want to be safe. 

So I've put the facts into one 80 page e-book that you can easily download. It is a pdf file, so you can read it in the free Adobe Acrobat software that is probably already on your computer. You can:

  • Read it on your computer, or print out a copy on your personal printer. 
  • Take it with you on your vacation. 
  • Let your kids read it. 
  • Tell your friends about it. 

Based on my lifetime of experience on Florida Beaches, this book has what you need to be informed and safe. Find out what the natives and savvy coastal residents know about staying safe in the Florida coastal environment. 

Don't learn the hard way!

Download Free Now!  File size is 4.2 megabytes.

or buy on Amazon's Kindle for $3.99

Other benefits of this ebook:

You don't have to buy any software to read it. Just use the FREE Adobe Acrobat that is probably already on your computer, or for the ultimate in portability, buy it on your Kindle reader.

You can print out a copy of the book and take it with you.

Using digital media allows me to use COLOR. Color photos, color illustrations, color text! Whoopee!!!

You don't have to have a code or password to access the free version of the book. Just download it and GO!


Be Safe at the beach...Not Sorry.

Beach Safety information copyright David McRee.